FIFA 17 Official Release in Italy: Date, News and Rumors about the Contents

FIFA are one of the most popular video games of all time, as well as a title that, despite his age, is always in fashion. The first edition, you think, dates back to 1994 but, by that time, the success has gone to a constantly growing and no mention to decrease; together with PES it is, without doubt, the most popular football game in history.

FIFA 17, the rumors

Also this year the fever for the official release of FIFA salt every day and continues unabated. Many avid gamers are wondering, for example, what will be the player on the cover, or what changes will be made in this new edition. Connoisseurs can rest easy: once again (as always or almost) the EA has hit the mark.

We start from the player on the cover, an outsider in contrast to previous years. The chosen is Marco Reus, Borussia Dortmund striker and rising young star of the Bundesliga’s going to Lionel Messi. Argentine striker, former luxury ambassador, was not renewed by the time the current sponsorship contract.

We come now to all the rumors and news content. The first, unfortunately, is that the home field of FC Barcelona, Camp Nou, will not be present in this edition. What’s the reason? The football temple of the infamous tiki-taka will be exclusive to Pro Evolution Soccer which acquired the rights and will therefore not be possible to choose it as a scenario.

As gaming features, the Electronic Arts has set the goal of making more realistic and intelligent game to make it look more like the real thing. The enterprise is difficult but not impossible. It will be possible, for example, change its run when you pull on the punishment for the purpose of customizing the trajectories. To this end, the camera will always be positioned behind the player: this way you will be able to see (and adjust) the best shot.

The artificial intelligence of players has been greatly enhanced, so that will be able to better understand the game situations, intuendole. The control on the passages and on the movements, also, will be more accurate and reliable than before.

FIFA 17 In Italy

Given all these specifications, however, asks us: When will be released in Italy? Fans will not have to wait long because the release date has been set for September 29, 2016. For those who did not want to wait, though, you can try the version already 26 to 28 August in Birmingham, in the exhibition entitled ‘Insomnia58’. What you waiting for, then? is official agent Cheap CSGO Skins, and follow the rule that lowest price brings more business. Therefore, the price of ultimate team coins in our store is cheaper than others. Yes, it is the best time to purchase the FIFA 17 coins if you’re a fan of FIFA 17 online and if you want to save your money.

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