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Final Fantasy XIV may still come to Xbox One, open to NX port

Final Fantasy fans on the Xbox One shouldn’t rule out the possibility of exploring Eorzea as a catgirl just yet. Naoki Yoshida is still working on the possibility of getting Final Fantasy XIV made available for Microsoft fans and is even interested in doing a port of the MMO for the upcoming Nintendo NX system. The only catch is that both Microsoft and Nintendo would have to let one specific game play nice with everybody. FFXIV Gil for sale on


The only reason Final Fantasy XIV Gil hasn’t appeared on Microsoft consoles is the company’s lack of willingness to allow Xbox systems to communicate with PlayStation systems or PCs. Microsoft has recently changed their minds, somewhat, by unifying Windows 10 and Xbox One and allowing them to play together. This gives Yoshida hope that further cross-platform play is a possibility. Negotiations with Microsoft over an Xbox One version of Final Fantasy XIV are still ongoing and development on a port is ready to begin as soon as the MMO’s developers are given the green light.


Yoshida is also interested in bringing Final Fantasy back to Nintendo systems with a port of XIV for the NX. Like the Xbox port, cross-platform play is a big deal for Square Enix, as the company wants everyone to be able to play together. Unlike Microsoft, however, Square has yet to begin talking to Nintendo about their feelings of cross-platform play and bringing Final Fantasy XIV to the NX.

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Final Fantasy XIV released its Heavensward expansion June 23, opening up the city-state of Ishgard to players along with the fabled Dark Knight class. Heavensward also brought the young MMO to Mac OS in addition to PC, PS3, and PS4.

The Features of Albion Online

Albion Online is a free-to-play medieval sandbox MMO. It is also the first true cross-platform MMO, running on different systems such as Windows, Mac, iOS and Android at the same time and in the same stunning world! Albion Online gold is also very important for gamers , more albion online products at MOBXE.COM !



The Ultimate in Crafting – To erect the greatest cities and smith the most deadly weapons requires resources, and plenty of them. Search far and wide to find the very rarest, most prized materials. But be on your guard – you won’t be the only one looking for them!


Guild vs. Guild Warfare – You can conquer the vast world of Albion for yourself! Territories mean shelter from the dangers of the wilderness, and room to build villages and gather precious resources. Claim yours, then expand your empire and protect it from invaders!


Player Housing – Buy your home, then furnish and decorate it to suit your own personal style! Beds, tables, trophies, chests… the list goes on! And these items aren’t just there for aesthetic effect – how you decorate will have a direct influence on your character!


No Classes – No Restrictions – Forget what you know from other MMOs. There are no classes in Albion Online, which means no restrictions on what you can equip. In Albion Online, you are what you wear!


Disciples Of Morgana – Once an immensely powerful sorcerer, Morgana diminished after a cataclysmic battle with Merlin at the end of the Great War. However, her devoted Disciples walk the earth still, bearing her standard in the name of evil, devastation… and revenge.


Cross-platform – Albion Online gold is the first truly cross-platform MMO experience, available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android, with all players on one master server in one massive, sprawling world. You choose how you want your adventure in Albion to continue.


Summer Alpha 2015 cheap Albion Online gold– First Highlights


10 days in and the Summer Alpha is already going on with full speed. We have seen many epic events happening in the world of Albion, some of which we want to share with you in this news.

Check out this hilarious first adventure of famous YouTubers Ohmwrecker and Minx into Albion’s PvP area. While they have lost their Referral Donkeys, at least they never lost their humour…


Last but not least, we of course don’t want to keep this creative audio masterpiece from you: Rappin’ Ronin

So how about you? Share your videos with the most epic moments in Albion with us and the community in our forum: »» Share your best Summer Alpha Videos

We look forward to many great videos and let’s keep rollin’ on during this Summer Alpha!