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Van Gaal told United players to ignore fans – Lingard

Van Gaal told United players to ignore fans – Lingard

Jesse Lingard has revealed manager Louis van Gaal told his players to ignore the Old Trafford fans’ frustrated chanting.

Manchester United forward Jesse Lingard said manager Louis van Gaal told his players at fifa FUT coins half-time to “ignore the fans” in the 1-0 Champions League victory over CSKA Moscow at Old Trafford.

United supporters vocalised their frustration towards the Dutch boss throughout the European tie, chanting “attack, attack, attack” at Van Gaal, with his possession-based preferred style wearing thin with fans accustomed to a more direct approach.

The home side had failed to score in 404 minutes before Wayne Rooney’s headed winner with 11 minutes remaining, and Lingard – who supplied the assist – admitted he was trying to excite the fans.

“I was trying to be as direct as I could and get the crowd on their feet,” the 22-year-old said.

“Obviously I had to be direct at the right time, so we had to be patient sometimes. I’m glad the goal came.”

When asked what advice Van Gaal had given the players during the interval, Lingard said:

“Just to keep going and perform the same as the first half. Be patient, ignore the fans and keep playing your FIFA crédits own game.”

United moved to the top of Group B with their victory and fifa-coins.fr hold a one point lead over PSV and Wolfsburg.

How would you improve the FIFA Club World Cup

How would you improve the FIFA Club World Cup

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limit my search to /r/socceruse the following search parameters to narrow your results:see the search faq for details. Why can we have Group A played in China, Group B based in Canada, Group C in South Africa, Group D in Iceland with the semi finals and final played in Mexico.!

It spreads the wealth of the tournament, develops interest in varying locations around the world, gives an opportunity for players to play in places they normally wouldn (imagine Corinthians playing at Old Trafford!) it wouldn really put much additional pressure on clubs travel arrangements and takes enormous pressure off cities to accommodate such a tournament.

Obviously, by expanding another major tournament in the footballing calendar there would be injury/fatigue concerns for players who play at the top level week in week out without much break. This is why I have only one club qualifying out of group stage and no 3rd place playoff, teams would only play a maximum of five games (by reaching the final). 12 teams would play 3 games, 2 would play 4 and 2 would play 5.

If additional fatigue/injuries were a concern you could even amend rules to allow 5 substitutions per game and even make it larger squad sizes permitted. Imagine a shootout that is identical to penalties but taken from the edge of the penalty area instead of the penalty spot. If there are no clubs in England in the tournament, the UK news doesn report on it and I sure that is the same across the world. The Club World Cup is very much 2nd place to the Champions League and it will stay that way until it becomes competitive.

If the fans are excited by it, the tournaments reputation rises and players genuinely want to win it can only do good things.

Competitive, exciting, genuinely international, inclusive, local but exotic, and with genuine desire to win from the players.