How to retrieve iPhone contacts efficiently with the aid of iFoneMate

iPhone has turned out to be one of the well-liked handsets. It becomes the most usual things that can occur while applying the Smartphone. However when the users lost their important contacts, what will they do to get back the deleted important contacts? Now, doesn’t worry, the iFoneMate software provide professional, efficient, easy-to-operate iPhone data recovery for contacts on iPhone. iFoneMate can help the users recover the lost contacts from the three diverse modes including recovery from iTunes backup, from iCloud backup files and from iOS devices directly without any backup.

Different users lost their data under various circumstances like accidentally or unintentionally deletion on iPhone. The jailbreak, iOS upgrading or restoring to factory settings would delete the contacts. However, it does not mean that the contacts are gone forever. Every time, you link your iPhone to the PC; iTunes automatically synchronizes the data in the database of iPhone. So far the user does have a backup of the contacts; the user can recover them from the iPhone simply.

To retrieve deleted contacts on iPhone from iTunes backup, the user needs to keep the backup prior to delete the contacts. It is to just recover from iTunes backup files through iTunes. It is to configure iTunes so that it does not automatically synchronize with the iPhone when it is linked with the computer of user. It is to link the iPhone with your PC or Mac. The iTunes need to be opened. Make the right-click upon the device and press on “Restore from backup”.

When the users go for retrieving the lost contacts from iOS devices directly without any backup,
To start with, it is to download on ifonemate.com and install the iPhone recovery software on the computer.

In the first step, the iPhone is connected to the computer via USB cable link and launch iPhone contact recovery. Click “Accept” to make the iFoneMate identify the iPhone of users. Select “Recover from iOS devices”.

In the second step, the software, iFoneMate stars scanning the lost contacts on the iPhone through clicking “Start” and choose “Contacts” category.

In the third step, after scanning, the users can preview the detailed contents of contact and select the ones they need on “Contacts” category. Recover and save them in the folder on the computer by clicking “Recover to PC”.
iFoneMate is available in two versions including Mac and Windows. The users can have a free download of iFoneMate. Just after the purchase, the users can have a free lifetime upgrade of this software.

How to retrieve deleted text messages on iPhone with iFoneMate software

When we erase a message from iPhone, the message doesn’t get erased really. It will stay some place on your iPhone, but become invisible and can’t be recognized by our eyes. This is because the erased information is in technically marked for deletion by the operating system and hidden. How you can do to recover delete text messages on iPhone, when we don’t have any backup on your iTunes or iCloud. The best way to retrieve deleted text messages from iPhone is to use third-party iPhone data recovery software. iFoneMate iPhone Data Recovery is a powerful but simple-operation software which can help you restore deleted/lost iPhone text messages efficiently.

Let’s show you detailed steps

First of all, you ought to download iFoneMate on ifonemate.com and install it on your computer

Step 1.Connect your iPhone to computer via a cable USB link. Launch the iPhone messages recovery software.

Step 2.When your iPhone has been recognized by iFoneMate, you can choose “Messages” recovery. Click “Start Scan” for your deleted/lost text messages.

Step 3. When the scanning process is completed, all the text messages on your iPhone will be listed on your “Messages” category. You can preview the detail of each text messages and select the ones you want to restore. Click “Recover to PC” to save the recovered messages on your computer.

If you need to transfer the messages to your iPhone, you require the assistance of iTunes.

FINAL FANTASY type-0 HD PC release date have been confirmed

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will “bring a selection of updated features including an improved in-game battle camera, full Steam achievements and trading cards, scalable motion blur settings and a customizable dynamic screen shot mode” to the PC version, along with new character speed boosts and increased blood levels.


The developer also states that it offers full controller support and “upgraded graphics resolution options” for top-end machines.


“Developing Final Fantasy Type-0 HD for Steam gave us the opportunity to fully realize our original vision of the game in an enhanced and refined experience exclusively for PC players,” said director Hajime Tabata.


Valve and Square Enix have partnered up to offer pre-order incentives. If you’re tempted, pre-orders placed between now and the August 18 release date will receive “the Master Chocobo as your courier” and Moogle (Class Zero) as your ward in DOTA 2, plus “an exclusive” Final Fantasy Type-0 HD loading screen.

“Type-0’s gritty tone, fast-paced action, and strategic approach to time management is a welcome change of pace from the usual Final Fantasy experience,” we said in our review, and gave it a ‘8’.


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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD release date and specs announced

Fans of feathered pixie cuts and staring emotively into the middle distance rejoice. Square Enix has announced that the PC version of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will be out on August 18, and is now available for pre-purchase on Steam.

The PC release of FFT0HD, revealed to the world back in early June, will incorporate a number of upgrades over the original, including higher resolution graphics, an improved battle camera, scalable motion blur settings, increased blood levels, character speed boosts, and support for controllers, Steam achievements, and trading cards.

“Developing Final Fantasy Type-0 HD for Steam gave us the opportunity to fully realize our original vision of the game in an enhanced and refined experience exclusively for PC players,” Director Hajime Tabata said in a statement.