Real Madrid

Ramos: hard to break at home is a mystery, should respect the referee work

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Real Madrid captain Ramos in the team lost to Betis after the game after the analysis of the failure: “This is not our day, especially in the goal.We have done our best, But the results are not satisfactory.I do not know why at home into the ball so difficult, with the passage of time will become difficult to pass.We do create a lot of opportunities for the game, but that is not able to score.

For the bad start of the season, Ramos said: “This is really bad, we face at home these opponents in the past are very difficult to get out of here, but now these games have become the past we should be good Sum up, and then play the next game, we are still the champion of the division, we must keep the unity play better.

Ramos also pointed out that he could not blame the referee for the penalty: “Too much to talk about the referee should not be, we have to respect the referee’s work. The referee awarded Barcelona penalty did not give us a penalty, I would not be surprised because if We can get into three balls, that would not have been regrettable.
Former Inter President Moratti: Will not buy shares of Torquay
September 18, the former Inter Milan President Moratti said in an interview that he will not be from the hands of the acquisition of Inter shares of the shares.

After the media said Moratti may be the acquisition of shares in the hands of Torquel 31%,(Click to buy fifa 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 , all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
but in an interview Moratti denied the news, “No, I will never buy Tuoer Seoul in the hands of Inter Milan shares. 30% of the shares, then I transferred these shares to Torquill, and now why should I buy back?

I think that Inter can show a completely different thing, this is a very brutal game, perhaps in the match and after the game, some tired of the team and I believe that this is just a chance The match, because Inter has a lot of great players, there is also a great coach.

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Rodgers Blasted Palestinian God: I Didn’t Like His Behavior

So Liverpool in the Champions League defeat to Real Madrid home court 0-3, although the team experienced a painful night, 18 minutes even lost 3 ball, but coach Rodgers and not too much criticism of players, but because Balotelli swap shirts and has become the focus of.You could possibly are looking for the cheap fifa 15 coins , and also you are always welcome to our website to have the fifa 15 ultimate team coins .”I think we are the first 20 minutes did a very good job, but then the Real Madrid scored the first goal, then they will show their true strength.”

Rodgers told Sky Sports said, “but in the second half, we played very well, the team did not stop because of backward, we played against a top team. From the defense, Liverpool in 2 ball defense very bad, but I can not require a player to do better, maybe we should just in the beginning stage goal, it will be better.” Rodgers said: “you can see the real strength, they are very fast, superior technology, this is also the reason for their last season to win. Real Madrid’s second and third goals that way, some of the better we should do.”

After the game Rodgers was asked the relevant problem, because some media said Rodgers make adjustment is because of Balotelli’s behavior dissatisfaction, heard the question, Rodgers a little unhappy, he said: “this is the first time I heard Balotelli in the first half and others in the shirt, I don’t like such behavior, such a thing should not take place in the stadium, this is not the Liverpool players to do.Perhaps you are looking for the fifa 15 coins, and you are always welcome to our website to buy the fifa 15 ultimate team coins.Last season, we have the players to do so, I made the treatment, if there is such a thing, I will handle.”

And when it comes to specific substitutions, Rodgers said: “the change is only for technical reasons, Lalana enters do very well, in addition to Stirling very hard, today he wasn’t in his customary position, but I think he is playing very well.”Another focus of this game from Balotelli, because of the break will exchange shirts and Pepe, Italian gets a lot of criticism from fans and the media, before the start of the second half he was replaced by Lallana directly.Rodgers dissatisfaction Balotelli.Clowning will fix him.

Barcelona Coach: “Fight Until The Last Moment To Continue Doing The Future

In a hard fought match, Barcelona with the young fellow Sandro winner three minutes away from the madrigal. Would you like to understand something totally new about the cheap fifa 15 coins ? And then come to our website to find the lattest innformation about the cheap fifa 15 ultimate team coins .Celebrate !After the news conference, coach Enrique looks on the team’s performance is very satisfactory. Enrique said: “your efforts is the most important is the players. We have been fighting to the last moment.

The buy fifa 15 coins confidence of victory, the result let us very satisfied. The team will never relax, we created some good chances, but the site situation let us play limited.”Enrique on Sandro’s stunning debut be profuse in praise. In addition to Prieto’s lack of tight and corner poor defense, Real Madrid players displayed in the defense of the pay no heed to also deadly, fortieth minutes before he left wing passes on, Della assists in the road in the zurutuza header, the Royal Society’s full backs can pass on the comfortable at station unmanned, and zurutuza from the road in that no one care, Ramos and Pepe in the restricted area was Castro attracted attention.

“Like Sandro and Munir young player can quickly help the team, this is a fortunate thing for any coaches. Can score a goal in La Liga debut, that is very important for a player development.” Enrique also praised the team made it difficult in the face of Billy Villarreal match efforts. However, Enrique also stressed the temporary victory is not slacken reason: “we basically is what didn’t do. We took two steps away, the league with 36 games. As long as the next game can play like this, the difficulty of the game have to fight down, I am optimistic about our future. But we must remember that we have a lot of work to do.”

The cheap fifa 15 coins protagonist is certainly a debut goal winner Sandro young. In an interview after the match he is modest and calm. Sandro said: “to be honest, I am very satisfied with their own, but the team’s performance is very good. We control the scene, there are a lot of chances, “my goal is thanks to Messi exquisite pass. Messi and Neymar are two great players, my goal is the team’s results, from victory to celebrate the madrigal. Of course, I would also like to thank the coach Enrique to trust me.