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FIFA World Cup 2010 Qualifying

FIFA World Cup 2010 Qualifying

World cup 2010 qualification has started on the road to South Africa. The European qualification will be sorted out via 9 groups of 6 teams, and 1 group of 5 teams. Each team who win their group will automatically go through to the world cup. The top 8 runners up will be split into 2 groups of 4 and play off for the remaining 4 places. Here are the groups:

Group 1

is the hot favorite to progress as the top team from this group. I think the Scandinavians will fight it out for the second place. Despite ‘s recent run of qualifying for big competitions, I will go for the younger and more exciting to get through ahead of .

Group 2

An interesting group this one. No big names, if you discount having won the European Championship in 2004. played well as co hosts of the European Championships this year, so much so, I will go for them to head the group. I think ‘s great home record will get them enough points to go through in second.

Group 3San Marino

The is the favorite here. They are not the team they were a few years ago, but they have too much for this group. I think will come second but will need to fight off the ns and the ns.

How to Plan a Trip to the 2010 FIFA World Cup

How to Plan a Trip to the 2010 FIFA World Cup

If you are an avid soccer fan and you may be planning on attending the next World Cup in South Africa. At the same time, you may be trying to learn how to plan a trip to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. If you do not take the time to plan out your trip to the World Cup carefully your trip can quickly turn into a disaster. The most important part about planning a trip to the World Cup is to purchase your event tickets and hotel reservations in advance. It is extremely important for you to realize that this is the most legendary sporting event that takes place in the world. Thousands of people will be trying to get plane tickets and make reservations for the month that the World Cup takes place in. There are several benefits that you will get by making your hotel reservations ahead of time. The first advantage is that you will be required to pay significantly less money. Hotels will be charging thousands of extra dollars or a single night stay if you try to make a hotel reservation within a week of the World Cup. However if you make hotel reservations 6 to 12 months before the World Cup then you will not have to pay astronomical rates. This will also allow you to find some of the best hotels in town before they sell out for the World Cup.

Believe it or not, event tickets sell out even faster than hotel reservations do. As a general rule, You can begin purchasing match tickets for the FIFA World Cup one year before the start of the competition. If you’re planning on getting a front row seat then you will need to purchase your tickets as soon as they go on sale. If you do not purchase your tickets as soon as they go on sale then you will not be able to get the tickets that you desire. Thousands and thousands of people are trying to get seats to the World Cup and if you do not act quickly they will beat you out.

If you want to learn how to plan a trip to the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa and it is important for you to understand the importance of purchasing your plane tickets in advance. The fact of the matter is that there is literally nothing more important than purchasing your plane seats as early as possible. The reason for this is that plane tickets are very hard to get for South Africa because there are a very small quantity of them.