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FIFA World Cup Puts a Ban of Female Breasts

FIFA World Cup Puts a Ban of Female Breasts

The organizers of the FIFA World Cup in South Africa have revealed the items prohibited from being taken into the stands during the matches of the tournament. In addition to typical contraband in Europe like drinks in glass bottles, alcohol, and fireworks some exotic African items are present in the list.

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Pistols, tazers and chemical substances are also not allowed. And despite the fact that K’naan’s “Wavin’ Flag” song has become one of the hymns of the tournament, you will not be able to actually wave one at the games.

The organizers have also put a ban of female breasts. Following a mass striptease at one of the pre tournament friendlies, ladies are now forbidden from undressing in the stands.

The 2010 FIFA World Cup kicks off on Friday, June 11 the first ever to be played on African soil. Hosts South Africa will take on Mexico in the opener.

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